Next step program for rising juniors & seniors and others considering an acting career

Next Start Date Dec. 14, 2019


Learn how to manage your mindset to book more roles and grow your network


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This program is designed to help graduating high school students and their parents choose the right college theater program and learn more about the industry.


During my time recruiting actors for conservatory, it became clear that parents and students struggle with this life decision.

Students have a dream and a passion. They can't see themselves doing anything else but their passion yet they don't know enough about the industry, its realities, or how to properly take the next step beyond high school.

Parents are often conflicted. They hate saying no to their child's dream but they don't want to set them up for struggle. They know little about the industry but hear that it's about who you know and waiting for your big break.


I've seen too many young actors...


  • desperate to pursue their passion without parental help

  • choose the wrong college only to drop out later

  • expect the professional world to be like HS drama


I've seen too many parents...


  • desperate to prevent their child from pursuing acting

  • stop their children only to have them drop out of school

  • cite catch phrases about an industry they don't know

I've seen too many colleges...


  • offer theater degrees that don't prepare actors well

  • offer great technical training and zero entrepreneurship

  • recruit students that have little chance of working


I know what it's like to want to become an actor but not know where to begin.

I know what it's like to choose the wrong college. I know what it's like to choose the right college. I know what it's like to throw caution to the wind without the support of my friends or family. I know what it's like to try to build a career from scratch without any understanding of the entertainment industry and, worse, network to build from.

The Acting After High School program is a culmination of everything I've learned from more than twenty years of experience as a hopeful actor, working actor, director, headshot photographer, acting teacher, speaker, and director of admissions for a New York City acting academy.

My goal is go help young actors and their families get on the same page and make decisions based on knowledge not preconceived notions.

This programs helps you examine the most important questions that new actors face after high school.

Do I really want to be a working actor?

What can I do with a theater degree?

Should I train at a university or conservatory?
Should I major or minor in theater?

Why don't parents support acting as a career?
Do I even need to study acting in college?

Is college worth the money?

Are there other places to train?

Should I just move to New York or Los Angeles now?

Do I have what it takes?

Over twelve weeks, you'll receive 24 video modules that walk you through answers to (and coaching on) many of these questions. You'll gain access to regular group coaching calls with discussions on the modules. 

I've taught thousands of actors across the country and watched many achieve their goals of working.


Before you and your family spend $100K or more on the wrong college or career, you owe it to yourself to discover what this potential future is all about.


Discover the path that works best for you. Learn more.

The Actor Mindset Program is a 12 week program. Next start date is December 14th, 2019.





Becoming a professional actor is different than most other careers. 90% of your acting career will happen outside of the audition room, set, and stage.


Success doesn't happen overnight and if you don't learn to manage your mindset, you'll find yourself spinning your wheels confused, worried, and frustrated. Imagine taking those feelings into every audition and interaction.


What if there was a way to have an ally and accountability partner who guides and supports you through the most confusing, challenging, and humbling parts of your career?


What if you could have a champion in your corner who celebrates your successes when you're accomplishing intended results and learning through failure?

What if being a successful actor didn't really have anything to do with being the best actor out there? What if there is more to success than just your acting?

Want to learn more before joining? Click here.

The ActorMind Program provides 40 weeks of group career coaching completed in one year.

Next Start Date December 3rd, 2019.

Thank you for believing in me and making a way for me to follow my dreams."


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