Personal Market Questionnaire

I appreciate your visiting with me and helping me in my goal of reaching more people and helping them create a better personal and financial future for themselves and their loved ones. I want to be sure I understand what's going on in the world today in the areas in which I help my clients. Your opinions will be a great help as I regularly consider how I can educate people better about quality products and superior service in my business practices and strategies for success. Your answers will be treated as confidential and, as such, will not be sold to a third party.


Phone Type
How many children do you have?
How old are your children?


Have you ever done any planning for your future, retirement, or insurance needs?
If you did insurance planning or plan or the future, wo was this done with?
Do you have three to six months of survival income saved in case of an emergency, move, career shift, or other unexpected circumstance?
How much additional could you commit to saving every week for your protecting and acumulating wealth? (NOTE: Consider if you cut down on non-necessities)
Do you have life insurance protection to protect the people you love?
If yes, what type(s) do you own?
How much coverage do you have with your current life insurance?
Do you know how much life insurance you should have based on your age, income, and debts?
If yes, how much should you have?
Do you know the difference between temporary life insurance (term life) and permanent life insurance and its living benefits (whole life)?
How easily do you (and your family, if applicable) meet your current weekly and monthly financial needs?
How strong is your financial plan for the future? (choose the closest answer)
Do you own a home?
If yes, do you have a mortgage you are currently paying off?
If yes, how many years left on your mortgage?
Are you currently making extra payments towards the payoff of your mortgage?
If yes, how much extra are you paying towards your mortgage each year?
Do you have life insurance protection to cover the cost of your mortgage if you were to unexpectedly pass away?
Did you know that the guaranteed cash value in a Whole Life Insurance Policy could be used to help accelerate the payoff of a mortgage, provide supplemental retirement income, or provide other financial benefits?
Do you know the 3 guarantees and 3 tax advantages of a Whole Life Insurance Policy?
I would like to receive information about the items that I have checked below:


Have you ever hired a life coach for personal or business goals?
How satisfied were you with your coaching experience?
What areas of your life would you like to grow, improve, experience more sufficiency in, or get more skilled support in?
Are you currently interested in learning more about how hiring a coach for personal or business goals could help you?

How much do you trust Sean David Johnson?

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