Types of Coaching

1-on-1 Coaching

Why hire a life coach?


A life coach works with you to paint your vision of your future, including what you'd like to create, the people you'd like to attract in your personal and professional lives, and who you'd like to become.

A life coach is is skilled at asking you the questions that help you identify the ideas, emotions, and decisions that are keeping you from having it.

A coach is an ally, a supporter, and (well) a coach.


Athletes and business leaders know the value of coaches. They understand that reaching individual potential is as much about mastering the mind as it is mastering a technical skill.


A coaching relationship begins with a free consultation. This session allows me to discover who you are and for you to discover who you envision as your best self. This meeting of our minds tells us whether or not we're a good fit for working together and serves as a stepping stone for your future growth.

If it makes sense to work together, be prepared for a long-term commitment to painting your vision and creating a plan to move towards it. Fun, truth, change, challenge, growth, and celebration - for the both of us. Working together requires a minimum three-month coaching commitment and I offer packages of up to one-year.

Every week, we'll explore your growth, ideas, emotions, decisions, and results. 

Your coach is your internal mirror and accountability partner when you fall short. Your coach learns and grows with you and sees in you the future self you strive to be.

I look forward to being your ally, your champion, your believer.


What would you like coaching on?

Where life coaching begins and ends can often be two different things. 

Common areas of coaching include:

Deepening your relationships

Spending more time with your family

Finding your dream job

Leaving a toxic career

Moving on from heartbreak

Getting out there to meet someone new

Invigorating your sex life

Exploring your creativity and artistry

Appreciating your life as it is now

Harnessing the courage to pursue a dream

Learning how to be a more influential leader

Managing and inspiring your team

Doing more good in the world

Getting in touch with your spirituality

Finding more joy outside of work

And more...


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