I quit a comfortable job without a safety net

I believe we all have a purpose and we should live it.

I had two children and a wife to support. I had risen through the ranks in a company I no longer believed in and was spending too much time away from my family. From one perspective, we were secure. But, a closer look would reveal that it was affecting our physical, emotional, and mental health.

As a life coach, I know how powerful our mind is. Even still, I ignored my gut for years, justifying remaining there with unchecked thinking. The fear of failure and judgment was too palpable that it took me years to recognize that I had more to give to the world and my family. Life coaching helped me develop the belief to succeed and begin living the life I intended. A life where I'm spending my time helping others, spending more time with my children and wife, and powerfully and meticulously creating my future.

Why work with a life coach?

Having a coach means...

  • saying "Yes! And..." to your goals and the life you want to create

  • resetting yourself to what is possible with every conversation

  • gaining an ally who demands (for you) that you live your best life

  • learning how your thinking is creating your current results

  • transforming your ideas to create your future

  • mastering the relationship between your body and mind

  • facing painful growth and liberating change with someone who believes in your power and ability to live the life you dream

  • going through the hard growth with someone who has perspective, wisdom, and sound judgement 

  • Perspective, love, and belief for who you want to be in the future

  • every conversation is a reset to what is possible

  • being introduced to what you believe as being possible

You are worth investing in

So many of us desire big changes in our lives and don't have the courage, support, or thinking to do anything about it. We are limited by our fears of what might happen. We are cautioned by the well-intentioned advice from others. We allow our minds to think ourselves out of what we truly want and who we truly are.


I help you develop your skill and confidence for make life changes and taking consistent action towards their goals. I help you become aware of your ideas, emotions, desires, and power. I help you honor them.


Sean David Johnson most recently served as the Director of Admissions for the [insert school name] where he has worked since 2014. During those years, he traveled the globe recruiting, advising, and coaching aspiring actors on the art, business, and technique of acting.

Sean David's love of coaching began in 2001 when he discovered Anthony Robbin's series, Personal Power. Since then, he has used coaching techniques to get results in his personal and professional life. He received life coach training with the International Coach Academy and closing training with the Sandler sales training system. He continues to regularly seek and absorb the work of other coaches in order to grow and stay relevant.

He has over 15 years of combined experience in the entertainment industry as an actor, director, headshot photographer, and coach. He has learned from top acting and industry coaches in New York and Los Angeles and attended more than one hundred industry seminars with casting directors, producers, talent agents, managers, union leaders, photographer, and other industry people.

As an actor, he appeared on stage and camera in New York and beyond. Professional credits include Where It All Began (NYC)Separate Tables (NYC), Any Someone At All (Chicago), Gold Rush (Tour), Unsung (NYC), a video gaming pilot for Nintendo, and various short independent films.

Sean received his conservatory training from the American Musical and Dramatic Academy and graduated with his fine arts degree from New School University. He studied improv at the Second City Training Center in Chicago and Magnet Theatre in New York. 

Sean is a perfect blend of big idea, big picture visionary. Creative at his core, he is an absolute joy to work with."


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