I always knew there was more to life

I was born to a hard working dad and stay at home mom. My father worked long hours, commuting more than four hours every day to the city and back, coming home exhausted and unhappy. My mother, although always present, struggled with a negative body image and self worth.


Growing up, I always knew there was more to life than what my parents experienced and coaching helped me get it.


Too many of us merely exist instead of meticulously creating the life we envision. We pass the time consuming other people's stories instead of powerfully writing our own. 


When coaching entered my life, it helped me achieve the most powerful, rewarding, and invigorating results of my life. With coaching, I've had the beliefs needed to make big moves, leave safe jobs, attract inspiring work and people who ignite me, and confidently express my authentic heart. I've become a father of two wonderful boys and the partner to an incredible woman.


And, I spend my time helping others. It's a perfect joy in my life.

Sean is a perfect blend of big idea, big picture visionary. Creative at his core, he is an absolute joy to work with."


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