I've met thousands of actors across the country. 

One thing is clear...

Actors need more support.

Listen, I understand your journey.

You don't want to become jaded. You don't need to become jaded.

I help actors transform their career approach by mastering the most important assets they have.

It's a simple but, for many, simple is a difficult solution to accept.

From a very young age, actors are taught to be victims. We're fed an array of catch phrases meant to discourage us from choosing a career in acting.

  • We are cautioned that acting is really hard.

  • We're told (by people who have never worked in the industry) that it's who you know.

  • We're prescribed to have backup plans and pressured for not having real jobs.

  • We are dissuaded by being told that we'll have to get lucky, be patient, or get our lucky break.

  • Some people go as far as saying you have to sell your soul to be an actor.

Is it any wonder that actors are a mess about it?


Honestly, I was a bit messed up in the head, too.

When you discover how you, alone, are in control of your future you will never need to focus on getting an agent to be happy in your career. When you fully believe in the work...

YOU will SHOW UP for all of your auditions and opportunities. 

YOU will be ENOUGH in your mind and in the minds of your growing network.

Your survival jobs will become EASIER and serve your overall PURPOSE.

You will LET GO of the beliefs that make you a victim to the industry or leave you waiting in agony for someone else' vote of approval.

You will start to EARN what you believe is your WORTH.

You will have MORE FUN and be the DRIVING FORCE in new and exciting projects.

You will gain MORE results, certainty, and confidence with LESS effort, confusion, and self-doubt.

The Actor Mind program is for you if...

  • You are ready and willing to try something new and admit that you are wrong in order to reinvent yourself

  • You are ready and willing to create professional habits, be consistent, truthful, and reliable in this program and your life.

  • You are ready and willing to take full responsibility for your own results and not blame anyone else for anything in your life.

  • You are ready and willing to stop saying "I don't know"

  • You have strong training (or are willing to create your own training ground) and maintain it to be ready for your opportunities

Here's what you get in the program...

  • Lifetime access to 36 step-by-step weekly modules that develop your actor's mindset and teach you strategies for building and sustaining your network and career confidence, find and nail your auditions, and create your own work and career opportunities.

  • Plus you'll receive BONUS content and training that explores actors' relationship with money and the value of their work. You'll receive 

  • Lifetime access to the Actor Mindset FB community, which features scheduled live training and Q&A's with Sean David, special guests that include working actors, casting directors, agents, or managers, and the Actor Mindset community who is going through the program or has completed it.

  • A seat at our exclusive invite-only networking night in New York with other members of the Actor Mindset community, working actors, directors, casting directors, agents, or managers.

Take action towards creating your future

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