Becoming a professional actor is different than most other careers. 90% of your acting career will happen outside of the audition room, set, and stage.


Success doesn't happen overnight and if you don't learn to manage your mindset, you'll find yourself spinning your wheels confused, worried, and frustrated. Imagine taking those feelings into every audition and interaction.


What if there was a way to have an ally and accountability partner who guides and supports you through the most confusing, challenging, and humbling parts of your career?


What if you could have a champion in your corner who celebrates your successes when you're accomplishing intended results and learning through failure?

What if being a successful actor didn't really have anything to do with being the best actor out there? What if there is more to success than just your acting?

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The ActorMind Program provides at least 40 weeks of group career coaching in a calendar year.

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*Weekly coaching videos and live coaching coaching calls occur, on average, 3-4 times per month for a total of 40 occurrences in a calendar year. A free trial may include 3 or 4 coaching sessions.  Most live calls take place Tuesday evenings at 9pm EST. Most coaching videos are uploaded and available to view on Saturdays.

**Members who pay in full will receive access to a curated library of coaching videos and calls from past to present. 

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