For five years, I recruited talent for one of the nation's premier respected acting conservatories.

I taught and met tens of thousands of actors across the world who dreamed of becoming professional actors. As I got to know their personal struggles, my heart often broke.

Too many aspiring actors don't have the knowledge, network, or support (emotionally or financially) to start a career off on the right foot.


I'm dedicated to helping change that. 

Students and their loved ones are scared.

Students are scared of failing. They're scared of struggling to survive. They're scared of disappointing their parents.

Parents are scared for their children's futures. They're scared of not supporting their child's dream. They're scared of supporting it.

College is more expensive than ever and before you or your family spend $100K or more on the wrong major, college, or career you owe it to yourself to learn as much as you can.


I've worked in the industry as a professional actor, booking paid work on stage and for the screen. I've seen both sides of the casting table, giving me an insight into the decisions that are made behind the scenes. And, I've immersed myself in the technique and business of acting, learning from some of the most sought-after teachers and institutions from New York to LA.

I want to help you and your loved ones make smarter investments in your future.

In this program, I give you an inside look at acting training from universities to conservatories, from private studios to private teachers. I give you tips on navigating the college admissions process. I introduce you to the business of the industry so you know which investments make sense to make for you.

Learn how to make the right choice. And, if acting is the career for you, learn how to make a bold, smart choice.

I have been where you are.

My parents wanted me to get a "real job".

I knew nothing about (and no one in) the industry.

Everyone around was was telling me I needed a backup plan first. 


Were they right?

I found myself at a university where no one around me seemed to dream of it as hard as I did. I wasted two years of time and money before I said, "that's enough", and dropped out.


I threw caution to the wind and moved to New York and begin to make all the mistakes that new actors make:

  • I blanketed the city with my headshot and high school acting resume

  • I secretly believed when other people said I was waiting for my "big break"

  • I didn't have training or connections to back up my courage

  • I let my personal relationships dictate and affect how I showed up for my career

  • I felt that I needed an agent to make my career for me

It took me years (and the right school) to finally gain traction.

Honestly, I had no clue and wish someone were there to have helped...

Acting is a real career.

It's important that you and your parents learn that now. When you do, you'll begin to ask yourself questions that increase your chances of success.

Instead of if you'll ask how.

The Acting After High School program is for you if...

  • You are thinking about majoring in theater but don't know where to apply

  • You know that college is a big investment and you don't want to put yourself or your parents in debt for decades to come if it's not exactly what you want

  • You want to have real and open conversations with your loved ones about the decision to become an acto

Here's what you get in the program...

  • One Year access to 24 step-by-step weekly modules that deepen your understanding of your dream, the options that exist to train you, what the options cost, and why everyone around you is scared. The modules teach you about the college admissions process and what you can expect to gain from college or private study. You'll learn about the industry, including what casting directors and agents look for.

  • Plus you'll receive BONUS content and training that includes VIP industry and education guests.

  • Access to the Acting After High School FB community, which features scheduled live training and Q&A's with Sean David, special guests that include working actors, casting directors, agents, or managers, and the Actor Mindset community who is going through the program or has completed it.


Take action towards creating your future

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